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Sixth Annual Conference on the History and Culture of Taiwan

Date: May 3 - May 4, 2002

Location: Washington University in St. Louis

"Mapping a New Cultural Geography:

Taipei, Hong Kong, and Shanghai as Global Cities"

May 3, Friday

9:15-9:30       Lingchei Letty Chen: "Global City as the Logic of a New Cultural Geography"

9:30-11:00    Panel I: The Flow of Capital and the Making of "Global Cities"

"Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Taipei in the Global Financial Urban System" David R. Meyer
Brown University
"Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall: Shanghai as a Global City in the Making" Tsung-yi Michelle Huang
Tamkang University, Taiwan
"Touring the Bund: Referential Networks of Meaning in Shanghai’s Tourism" Ming-chun Ku
New School for Social Research
Chair & Discussant Andrew Mertha
Washington University

11:00-11:10    Break

11:10-12:40    Panel II: Problematic Narrative, Problematic City

"Shanghai’s Essential Difference: Another Reading of Wang Anyi’s Changhen ge" Robin Visser
Valparaiso University
"Remembering Taipei: Loss and Found of the Past in the Space of Globalization" Liangyi Yen
University of California,
Los Angeles
"Post-politics and Anthologizing the ‘Tri-city’" Gang Xu
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Chair & Discussant Steven Lewis, Rice University

12:40-2:00    Lunch

2:00-3:30    Panel III: City Transportation as Cultural and Discursive Praxis

"Portals and Pathways to Post-modern Nationhood: The Mass Rapid Transportation System in Taipei" Anru Lee
California State University, Sacramento
"Heralding Consumer Citizenship in Global Cities: Political and Commercial Subway Advertising in Taipei, Hong Kong and Shanghai" Steven W. Lewis
Rice University
"Riding the Red Line: From the Colonial Trains to Global Light Rail" Joseph Allen
University of Minnesota
Chair & Discussant David Meyer
Brown University

3:30-3:40    Break

3:40-5:10    Panel IV: Historical Narratives of the Global City

"Colonial Hong Kong as Cultural-Historical Space" John M. Carroll
Saint Louis University
"Being Colonized to be Global: The Cases of Taipei and Hong Kong" Tsai-hsiu Tsai
Academia Sinica, Taiwan
"Globalized City, World-Class City, Post-Modern City: Overlapping Narratives of Taibei at Millennium’s End" Murray A. Rubinstein
Baruch College, City University of New York
Chair & Discussant Gardner Bovingdon Washington University (tentative)

5:10-5:20    Break

5:20-6:50    Panel V: Cinematic and Theatrical Imagination of the Global City

"Looking at the (W)Hole Picture: Imagining Taipei as a Global City" Kevin Lawrence
University of Chicago
"Dual Cityzens: Imaging and Imagining Hong Kong and Taipei in Stanley Kwan’s Hold You Tight" Song Hwee Lim
University of Leeds, UK
"The Conundrum of Taiwanese Drama at the End of the Century: On Stan Lai’s Recent Works" Yomi Braester
University of Washington, Seattle
Chair & Discussant Pin-chia Feng
National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan

7:00-10:00    Banquet        Women’s Building Formal Lounge

May 4, Saturday

7:45                 Meeting in Hotel Lobby for Shuttle Bus to Washington University

8:00-9:00    Continental Breakfast

9:00-10:30    Panel VI: Excavating the Global City

"Hong Kong by Night: Structure of Light and Urban Dichotomy" Aida-Yuen Wong
Brandeis University
"LILONG: Transformed Living Sediment in the Social and Urban Evolution of Shanghai" Chunlan Zhao
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
"A ‘VCD Generation’ or a Lost Generation? The Ambivalence of the Hong Kong VCD Phenomenon" Hsinng-chi Hu
Chang Jung University, Taiwan
Chair & Discussant John Carroll
St. Louis University

10:30-10:40    Break

10:40-12:10    Panel VII: City Planning and the Logic of Globalization

"Parting from Leviathan: The Emergence of Participatory Planning in Taipei in the 1990s" Li-ling Huang
National Taiwan University
"Taiwan, Located on the Map of Wine Empire" Patience Chuang
Fu-Jan Catholic University, Taiwan
"The Remaking of ‘Old Shanghai’ in Taipei" Chin-chen Hsu
National Central University, Taiwan
Chair & Discussant Carlos Rojas
University of Florida

12:10-2:00    Lunch

2:00-3:30    Panel VIII: Gendering and Sexing the Global City

"Sex and the City: Cinematic Reflections on Desire and Anonymity" Carlos Rojas
University of Florida
"Gender Identity and National Imagination in Li Ang’s Miyuan" Pei-yin Lin
University of London
"Sexing the City: Urban Nostalgia and the New (Woman) in Modern Shanghai" Megan Ferry
Union College
Chair & Discussant Sara Friedman
Washington University

3:30-3:40    Break

3:40-5:10    Panel IX: Constructions of the Chinese Urban

"Shanghai Cabarets and Chinese Modernity, 1928-1937" Andrew Field
University of Puget Sound
"Language Contact and Urban Cultural Geography: Comparative Studies on Loanwords in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei" Jane Si
University of Pennsylvania
"Vernacular Old and New: Shanghai’s Literary Scene in the 1920" Gang Zhou
University of California, Davis
Chair & Discussant Robert Hegel
Washington University


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